Vanessa Gordon's Music

fiddleclub All of my beginner students start with the Suzuki violin repertoire, to develop a strong technical foundation and ear training.

Fiddle tunes are introduced gradually while learning violin skills in books 1 & 2. Listening to recommended recordings, in addition to the Suzuki material is essential. All fiddle tunes are learnt by ear.

I have taught Fiddling at Summer music camps including the O’Flaherty youth camp and Monarch Suzuki Academy. I started the Dripping Strings Fiddle Club, a children’s group, in 2014.

Fiddling Perhaps you are interested in trying one or two lessons before you commit to regular lessons. This is not for a beginner, but would be great for someone who wants to revisit their music skills or learn some fiddling or improvisation. Please notify me at least 24 hours ahead of time if you must cancel one of these lessons.

Lesson Rates are $45 for a 45 minute lesson or prorated.